Frequently Asked Questions

How much area does 1 BILTEC- AAC Block cover.

One BILTECH-Block of any Thickness covers an area of 1.68 sq.ft .
( Height is 250mm and length is 625 mm)

How to calculate Rubbles quantity?

To fill 55 cu.ft . you require 1 M.T. This is calculated considering the Oven dry density of
650 kg/ Cum

Where can I use 6” & 8” Block?

The 6” & 8” AAC Blocks block are load bearing blocks that can be used for external walling for a
building. The 6” block are also used for internal walling /partition. The usage of 8” Block is mostly
used where insulation ( sound & thermal ) criteria is most important Eg. Construction of Hotels,
Theatre, Hospitals )

Where can I use 4” & 3” Blocks?

The 4” block can be used in internal construction work . The advantage of using 4” block is that you
get the max carpet area. If any plumbing work is to be done that too can be carried out in the block
very easily. 3” Blocks are used for partition but work like concealing cannot be carried out.

Do I need to Soak AAC Blocks like Bricks?

NO. You need not soak the AAC Blocks before their use in masonary, Their surfaces should be
wetted sparingly and afterwards water should be sprinkled for cuing of masonry joints.

Can we cut the AAC Block ?

Yes ! It can be cut by a normal Carpenter saw. Chasing , nailing , plastering , plumbing all the
activities can be very well carried on AAC Blocks.

When do I put the bond beam?

The height of the wall should not exceed 18 times the thickness and the length 24 times the
thickness. After every 1 m a bond beam should be provided on the wall with a steel rod of 8 mm

What is the Oven Dry Density of the AAC Block?

The Oven Dry Density of AAC Blocks is 550 – 650 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity

0.142 Kcal/ (hr) (degC) (M)

Resistance to Fire

2-6 Hrs. depending upon thickness

Sound Reduction index

37-49 dB depending upon thickness

Shrinkage in AAC ?

0.5mm / mt or 0.05%

AAC Structure ?

1. Approximately – 20% – 30% Solid
2. Approximately – 40% Micropores
3. Approximately – 20% – 30% Macropores (Air pores)

What is the U Value of BILTECH Block?

0.52 W/m2K

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