Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • Rate are valid for 15 days from the date of quotation.
  • The quotation is based on current market prices for the enquiry received.


  • CGST of 6 % & SGST of 6 % extra or the rate prescribed by government at the time of billing.


  • Orders shall be in multiple of full truck loads, Ex- warehouse, Transportation from depot to site as per actual with taxes to your account.
  • Transportation extra at actual.


  • Within 72 Hrs from receipt of your confirmed written Purchase Orders. In case of Non standard material it will take 7 days.
  • Unloading of material to be arranged by Client, No warai Charges nor Hamal Panchyat Labour would be entertained by us for any Payment.
  • Transit breakages of 3% to be accepted by client.

Special Clause

  • Any Purchase orders released by you for time agreed upon , giving reference to this quotation will automatically acceptable. Imply that all clauses that are mentioned in this quotation are acceptable.

Force Majeure 

  • Buyers will not be entitled to take objection or make any claim, if the manufacture, supply or shipment or transport or delivery of goods is prevented or hindered or delayed or any shortage of material by strike, accident, civil commotion, accident at works, breakdown of machinery, any inevitable or unforeseen event, embargo, restrain of Govt, fraud, fire storms floods, earthquake or any act of God.

Payment terms

  • The terms of payment shall be 100 % Advance with PO in favor of ‘Citadel Eco Build Pvt. Ltd.’ .
  • Penal Interest will be at rate of 2% per month would be charged for over due bills .

Purchase Order

  • The Purchase order should be in the name of “Citadel Eco Build Pvt Ltd”.


  • The minimum order quantity should be in our standard packing only for motar Standard packing shall not be broken.
  • All the taxes will be charged as per Government norms any difference in tax rate will be levied @ extra.


We need following documents from your side to open your account for the first time dealing.

1) GST /UIN No

2) Company Pan no

3) Address proof

4) Account Opening Form

We look forward to your valued order and assure you of our best services always.