AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (A.A.C.) is a building material which consists of a number of sized elements that form a complete building system. In most cases, every portion of the structural and insulation requirements of a building are satisfied with the material. Low energy required in production, low raw material consumption, ease of use in construction, high energy
efficiency, better indoor air quality, and recyclables add up to make A.A.C. a very environmentally friendly building material and system.

Oven Dry Density550-650 kg/m3
Bending Compression3 n/mm2
Resistance To fire2-6 hrs
Drying Shrinkage0.02%
Thermal Conductivity0.142 W/moC
Sound Reduction37-42 db

Structural Saving : Oven dry density of 550 TO 650 Kg/cum for Blocks and for Reinforced elements i.e Slabs & Wall Panels the oven dry density is 650 Kg/Cum. This gives a tremendous advantage to the design engineers to reduce the total dead load of structure and achieve savings in structural costs.

High Thermal Insulation : Thermal Insulation is four times better than Brick and ten times better than RCC which automatically cuts the cost not only on installation on cooling and heating system but on recurring energy costs as much as 40%.

Excellent Fire Resistant : Class ‘O’ grade material having fire resistant upto 1200 degree centigrade for 6 hours (Tested by C.B.R.I Roorkee). No emission of toxic fumes in case of fire.

Higher Strength to Weight Ratio : Higher strength to weight ratio as compared to conventional building materials. This results in economy in construction with out compromising on strength . Not less than 40 Kg/Sqcm

Precision : Special machine finished prefab BILT AAC elements with millimetric precision, helps in achieving precise architectural design dimension. Also eliminates the need of mortar to fill in gaps and jagged edges while the perfectly fitted surfaces are amenable for direct application of thin finishes.

Seismic ResistanceThe earth quake Force is a function of mass, the building shall be as light as possible, consistent with structural safety and functional requirements (refer is 4326-1976 clause 3.1 )

Less Maintenance : No salt leaching in AAC block Masonry ( common in brick masonry results in to flaking of plaster ) hence more durability of paint.

Faster Construction : Factory made product which is available through out the year (work won’t suffer for want of material) Size being equal to 16 brick makes it faster too.