Reinforced AAC Lintels

Reinforced AAC StructureMakes it more strong and durable

 Patented Anti corrosion treatment of Reinforcements

2 coats of ACM(Anti-Corrosion Mix) and 1 coat of Inertol and it is evaluated by Central Building Research Institute(CBRI)

Unique Tongue and Groove design

Facilitates easy fitting and efficient sealing

Water repellent

As the silicon oil is added to the wet AAC mass

1/4th the weight of dense concrete

maximum superimposed load :100 Kg/m.

Size :Length= 1m to 2.5m, width/Thickness=125,150mm

Oven Dry Density640 kg/m3
Bending Compression15 kg/cm2
Shear Strength15 - 30% of Comp. Strength
Modulus of Elasticity2.64 kN/mm2
Thermal Conductivity0.11 - 0.17 W/moC
  • As reinforced support above windows and doors

Time Saving: Unique Tongue and Groove mechanism which facilitates faster construction

High Strength to weight ratio: AAC has strength to weight ratio of 18 to 22 compared to M15 grade concrete having 16.

Sound Absorption: Excellent sound attenuation up to 45db with plaster

Energy efficient: Millions of tiny air cells created during manufacturing of AAC contributes to providing excellent insulation leading to savings in energy cost

Less Water Required: Facilitates neat and clean construction A boon in water deficient areas.