Thin Bed Dry Mortar

Thin Bed Dry Mortar is high strength ,pre-Mixed, quality assured Mortar as per ASTM-C-1660 -P10. It is specially formulated so it does not require post curing and can be easily applied, giving a better bonding with higher air entraining properties. “Biltech Bond – Thin Bed Dry Mortar” is a masonry mortar for use in laying various types of Flyash / Concrete bricks / blocks and AAC (Autoclave Areated Concrete) Blocks. It replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18mm thickness with highly versatile 3-5mm thickness mortar.

Shelf lifeMinimum 6 months
Mortar setting time2hrs 30 min as per IS 4031 (P-4R5)
Bulk density1500 ± 70 Kg/M3
Split Tensile strength(28 days)0.45 Mpa (minimum 0.34 Mpa)

Reaction of acid(on direct application on wall)

A) 50% Sulphuric acid – no effect observed

B) 10% Hydrochloric acid- no effect observed

Alkali Reaction – 10% Sodium Hydroxide- no effect observed

    • Biltech Dry Mortar is a thin-joint, high strength adhesive for quick and firm laying of AAC blocks with superior benefits.
    • Thin joint enables the construction process to progress   quickly, resulting in early occupation and therefore faster return on capital investment.
    • The quick-setting properties of the mortar eliminate any restriction on wall height. They can be built in a day by virtue of the fact that the resultant walls have a far higher flexural strength than walls built with standard mortar.

    Easy to use Biltech Bond Thin Bed Mortar
    Economic, fast and easy to use (mix & apply),  only addition of water is required. Applicable for dry and wet areas, internally and externally.

    Biltech Bond Thin Bed Mortar Bag available in 20Kgs.

    • Mortar joints are hardly 3-4mm thickness
    • Does not allow creation of a thermal bridge
    • No pre-wetting and post curing required
    • Substantial saving in water
    • Good workability
    • Due to single product usage, space and inventory of material is less
    • Excellent bonding
    • High resistance to water and extreme weather conditions
    • Non shrinkage mortar
    • Airtight better thermal and Sound Insulation